‘Dirty Sexy Money’ is a hit song for the French vocaloid community, according to vocaloid music school vocal school

The French vocalization community is buzzing with excitement about a new song from vocaloid artist Dirty Sexy Money, who has just released her debut album on iTunes.

The song, “Billionaire,” is a catchy pop-rock number with a catchy chorus and catchy beat that’s set to the same music that fans of French pop-punk singer, producer and vocalist Jean-Michel Basquiat will know and love.

The track is available for purchase on iTunes right now, but I was able to get a closer look at it on the album cover.

The cover art for Dirty Sexy Time: Billionaire features a picture of Basquiats daughter, a picture from his life as a high school student, and a picture that shows him standing next to the words, “You can say what you want about me.”

“Brick” is a French word that Basquiams wife translates as “gold.”

The song is called “Buckaroos,” after the Japanese word for “bricks.”

“Billionaires” is the third collaboration for Dirty Shitty Money.

The first collaboration, “Handsome Man,” was released last year.

Basquiares first full-length album, Dirty Sexy Music, arrived in 2013, with collaborations with a slew of other French artists, including Jodeci, Lil Yachty, and the Weeknd.