Dubai dubs female vocal school for vocal performance

Doha, Qatar — Dubai has awarded a female vocal performance school to the country’s first female vocal talent agency, and it’s a big step forward for female performers in the Gulf Arab state.

The first female singer-songwriter in the world, Kaitlyn Shriver, was born in Saudi Arabia and is an acclaimed singer-actress in her own right.

She is now the owner of a worldwide talent agency based in Dubai.

Dubai’s new talent agency is one of several new, non-traditional agencies opening up in the country.

Dubais largest music and entertainment company, Al Jazeera, announced it would create its own talent agency this month to serve the countrys expanding female talent market.

Al Jazeera’s Ali Gharib reported that the new agency will be called ‘Freetown Talent Agency,’ which was a nod to its location on the Arabian Peninsula, but it’s likely to be used for other countries in the region, too.

Dubay has seen a steady influx of female talent in recent years, with the most recent female star, singer and producer Kaitlin Olson, appearing on TV shows such as “The Voice,” “Top Chef” and “America’s Got Talent.”

The new agency hopes to attract young female performers to Dubai’s vibrant talent scene.

It hopes to launch a range of talent and visual arts courses, to prepare them for careers in the music industry, and to create and nurture talent that will help the country compete internationally in the arts, Gharb said.

Dubya’s female talent agency also hopes to make the country more accessible for female talent, with a focus on providing training for girls.

The new agency’s first course, entitled ‘Fetish-inspired art, dance, dance’, is designed to give girls a chance to hone their skills in the art of fashion, she said.

The new talent-agency is located at a luxury hotel on the city’s outskirts, where the office is managed by the local government.

The agency has been given the green light to open its doors to the public, with permission to start operations, and Gharbb said it is currently seeking applicants.

The new female talent-agent has been set up in Doha by a new agency called ‘Dubay Talent Agency’ and aims to serve young female talent.

The agency has a number of female directors who will be responsible for developing the agency’s vision, Ghanbib said.

A number of women from the local music scene, and others from outside the Gulf, have been working with the new female agency.

She said that the aim is to help young female artists develop their own voice and skills, and help them find new avenues for their careers.