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How to become a singer in Berlin

The Berlin-based vocal school Berlin offers its graduates a unique opportunity to make their mark on the world.

The school’s alumni include former pop stars including Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande, and singers such as Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.

The vocal school, founded by Berlin-born Ksenia Dinkova, opened in 2015 and boasts more than 20,000 alumni who have graduated from its programme, and has helped some of them become singers and producers.

While the school is famous for its music and training programmes, it also offers opportunities for singers to work in the music industry.

Many of its graduates have made it to the big leagues, such as acting and producing.

The singer and producer Ksenya Dinkovas a student at the Berlin school.

Photo: Alexander Neubauer/Associated PressIn 2016, the school launched a programme called The Sound Academy, which aims to provide students with the skills needed to become singers.

This included training in vocal coaching, and the school offered its graduates free travel, accommodation and mentoring opportunities.

Berlin-based singer Kseny Dinkovic, who is currently in the process of securing a place at the Hollywood Bowl, was among those who participated in the programme.

“I am really happy and honoured to be part of the program.

I learnt so much and I hope I will continue to learn and be inspired by the people I met here,” she said.

A few of her fellow students have gone on to make it big.

“I had some great teachers at the school.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to do something great in the industry,” said the 22-year-old singer.

Another of Dinkovichs fellow students is German singer Kajsa Eisens, who graduated from the school in 2016.

“The Sound Academy is a great program.

There are some really good teachers, and it is a really good program for students.

You don’t have to be a singer to have a good career,” she added.

Berliner’s singer Kjaellan Johansson, who also went to the school, is a producer, singer and songwriter.

She recently recorded her first single, “I am a Slave”.

The song is one of the few by the Swedish singer to be released in the US.

Berlins vocal teacher Kajskij Jansson.

Photo : Theodor Dietrich/Associated Statesman/Reuters”My goal is to have the most talented students that I can.

The Sound academy is a place where you can learn a lot, and have a great career,” said Kajska Jansson, a former student of the school who has now returned to the city to work with her producer, and who is also currently working with an emerging artist.

Many of her graduates have also made their mark in the world of pop music, with the likes of Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

“They are really special to me.

They have helped me to achieve things,” said Johansson.

She was inspired to work at the company after hearing about the programme and hearing about her mother’s experience working at a recording studio.

“It was like my mother told me, that we can’t always make it,” she recalled.

“But I was inspired by it, and I worked hard to get here.

It’s a great school.

It gave me the chance to do what I do.”