How to find the perfect Japanese vocal school


Tokyo Vocational Vocational School – The Tokyo Vocal School was established in 1983.

Located in Tokyo, it is one of the most famous vocal training schools in the world.

The main focus of the Tokyo Vocals School is to provide high-quality vocal training for students of all levels from young up to senior singers.

It is an important educational institution for singers, with over 30 years of experience.


Vocal Institute of Japan – VocalInstitute of Japan is an international voice education company with over 40 branches and 100,000 students in over 50 countries.

They have been serving singers and singers in Japan for over 35 years.


VUVOJAX – VUVox Japan is the leading provider of voice training in Japan.

They offer the best in voice training, voice preparation and voice-training.

Their voice training program has been in use since the mid-1980s.


JVC Japan – The Japanese voice training company that is headquartered in Tokyo has a very strong reputation among vocal students in Japan and overseas.

Its a popular voice training school that is also part of the vocal training industry in Japan, which has more than 70 branches and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

It has been operating since 1995.


Voice Academy – Voice Academy is a Japanese voice education school founded in 2005.

Voice academy provides voice training for young and middle-aged singers and also teachers and students of voice-trained students.

Voice training at Voice Academy has been on the increase since the 1980s.


AVA Vocational Training School – AVA Training School is an accredited voice training agency.

It provides voice-learning and voice training to all levels of singers.

A VA Training School’s main focus is to offer voice training and voice preparation for all students, including senior singers and voice teachers.


VOIKU Japanese Voice Academy & VOIKUA – VOIKUI is the largest voice training institute in Japan with over 500 voice-taught singers and more than 200,000 vocal students.


VASVOJAVA – The voice training of voice artists from all over the world are trained at VASVENA.

They provide the voice training services to singers and teachers in all stages of the industry.


Tokyo VOICE INSTITUTE – Tokyo Voice Institute was established to provide the highest quality voice training facilities for singers from all ages and stages of voice.


VOIDVOICE – The Japan-based VOID VOICE Institute was founded in 2008 and is an internationally renowned voice training provider.

They serve singers from across the world, and they also train vocal coaches in Japan on how to improve their vocal skills.


KONOSHI SINGERS’ COLLABORATIVE VOICE CENTER – The Kyoto-based KONOsHI Singsers Cooperative Voice Training Center is a leading voice training center in Japan dedicated to provide voice training training to singers.


TAKASHIMA COLLA VOICE TECOMA – TAKASHA COLLACOVOICE is a renowned voice education and voice education organization with over 10 branches across Japan.


VIOLET VOICE INTERNATIONAL – The VIOlet International, based in Japan is a voice education center with a dedicated voice-learners and voice trainers program.


TACOMA VOCATIONAL ASSOCIATION – TACOOMA Vocational Association is a nationwide voice training association dedicated to providing voice training worldwide.


VOICE BANK – The VOICE Bank is a Japan-founded voice training bank with more than 300 branches and more