‘Spirited Away’ actress’s new project: ‘My mother and father are going to cry!’

The news has not been widely reported in the US, which is where Jodie Foster has been for the past two decades.

The Hollywood Reporter said Foster has announced she will be making a film titled “Spiritted Away”, which she says will feature her mother, Joanna Johnson, and her father, David Foster, as well as her sister, Jodice “Jodie” Johnson.

She wrote on Twitter that the film will be about “my mom and dad, Jo and David, and Jod, who’s grown up without a dad.”

I’m not going to give any details of what it will be or when it’s coming out, but my mother and dad are going for a cry, and my sister is going to join them.

They’re both going to be sad.

It was a difficult decision for me to make, because my mom and father were always in the background of my life.

They were always my eyes, my heart, my soul.

But now I have a daughter who is the most important person in my life, and I’ve decided to do something that will honor her.

I hope that all of my fans can join me in the film.

The news of Foster’s involvement came after a statement released by her representatives said she will direct the film with producer Mark Mylod.

Mylod previously worked with Foster on “Gangster Squad” and “American Gangster” films, as they co-star.

Foster, who will turn 50 on July 26, will co-write the film, which she described as a family drama about the challenges faced by her mother.

It’s about a mother who grew up with a father who was the world’s greatest martial artist and the world champion in karate.

It’s also about a family who has struggled with mental health issues and the fact that she’s been dealing with the loss of her father and the trauma of losing Jo.

My mom’s been through so much in her life and this is her story, which I think people are going, ‘That’s so inspiring.

That’s so moving and inspiring.’

I’ve never really seen her suffer, but I’ve seen the loss.

The sadness of her loss, the heartbreak of her sadness.

I’ve never seen her go through it so much, and then to have a movie that can tell that story of that loss, it’s so powerful.

My dad’s a former police officer and a man of many gifts, and Joanna’s got a great sense of humor, she’s very witty and she’s got some great comedic timing.

I love her and I love Joanna.

We’re just excited to get this movie going.