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Vocalic School: Where the ‘vocal’ is not the ‘voice’

Vocalist and vocal school teacher, Vocalicschool, has been accredited by the International Vocal Accreditation Organization (IAO) to provide voice training to aspiring vocalists.

Vocal School has been working on its curriculum for the last two years, and is one of the first schools to provide full-fledged voice training, which includes vocal training and voice tutoring.

The company has trained students from India, Singapore and France, and hopes to have the same model across the globe.

The programme has been successfully accredited by IAA.

The main goal of the voice school is to teach the voice through singing, and it has the unique ability to integrate singing with other music and the natural sounds.

It is a way of learning to sing with the instrument, rather than just the instrument itself, as other schools have been doing.

“We wanted to teach voice with a vocal instrument,” said Vocalistschool Founder and Head of Training, Arvind Vatsa.

The team has also designed an online voice training course, which is open to all students, irrespective of their country of origin, and teaches students how to sing in the style of a professional singer.

“I feel that it is the only way to learn to sing professionally,” said student and vocalist Aakash Srivastava.

“I was able to get into the voice class because of the lessons and the support.”

The course has been a huge success.

Valschool students have been able to sing a song in a few minutes, and they have even been able get a job in a vocal studio.

“This is an important step for all vocalists,” said vocalist Sushil Kumar, who joined Valsschool in 2012.

“There are a lot of vocalists who don’t want to sing or do vocal training because they feel the voice is too important.”

The ValsSchool has also set up an online coaching program to help aspiring vocalist find the right voice for their voice.

The company offers online training for vocal artists across the world, including from India and Singapore, with the aim of connecting vocal artists to other vocalists, and helping them develop their skills.

“The best way to improve your voice is to practice,” said Srivasta.

“You need to practice your voice with the instruments that you want to use.

I hope the voice lessons that we teach at Vals School will help other vocal artists find the voice they need.”

Read more:Valschool founder and head of training Arvind Srivas, left, with vocalist Kiran Bhatnagar, right, at their Vals school in Chennai.

Vals school aims to give voice to all over the world