What are the top ten vocal schools in Toronto?

Vocaloid schools are some of the most prestigious schools in Canada.

They are among the most respected in the country, and are usually the only vocal schools that have an established presence in the GTA.

Here’s a look at the top 10 vocal schools based on their student body.

Vocal school Top 10 students Number of students per school 1 Vocal Academy 2 Vocal Music School 3 Vocal University 4 Vocal School of Toronto 5 Vocal College of the Arts 6 Vocal Student Centre 7 Vocal Vocal 5 Vincetown Vocational School 8 Vocal Institute 9 Vocal Arts Institute 10 Vocal International School, Vocal, Vincenotown Vocal-Canada School,Vocal-US School, and Vocal Schools in Ontario. 

Top 10 teachers In 2018, there were around 5,400 vocal teachers in the Toronto area.

Of those, 1,800 were teachers from the Vocal Canada School, the first Vocal Canadian school.

The majority of vocal teachers are male.

Most vocal teachers at Vocal Ontario are from the Toronto and Scarborough areas.

Vocal schools in the U.S. also teach a lot of vocal students. 

Vocal school top 10 salaries In 2018 there were $1,000,000 in total compensation for vocal teachers.

Of these, $3,300,000 was in the form of cash bonuses. 

The average annual salary of vocal educators is $100,000.

These salaries are usually paid to teachers who are in their 50s and 60s.

Top 10 teaching jobs in Canada As of 2018, the top teaching jobs were:  The president of a private school in Toronto, a teaching assistant for the Toronto District School Board, a school nurse in Brampton, a primary care doctor, a medical doctor and a clinical psychologist.

School administrators and educators were paid $72,500 in total in 2018.

Teachers in the Ontario public schools were paid a median salary of $63,500, while those in the provincial public schools earned an average of $79,000 per year.