Which is better? School or teacher?

D.C. Public Schools has an interesting way of measuring the value of education: by counting how much it costs taxpayers to educate the children.

And they’re looking for a way to measure that cost. 

The district’s annual report, released Wednesday, is the first to quantify the value for taxpayers of each teacher and principal that works in a district.

In 2017, District leaders put in $1.6 billion to build new classrooms, replace aging facilities, and improve education in District schools.

A separate report released Wednesday showed the District spent $2.4 billion on teacher salaries in 2017.

The $1,000 per student estimate is an interesting one, considering the District spends a bit more on teacher salary per student than most districts in the country.

But the district’s teachers’ salaries are among the highest in the nation, at $8,988.

They were ranked 11th in the U.S. in 2016, according to the Education Department’s data, which included the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies.

District officials have said they have $2 million available to hire teachers and that they plan to do so.

The teachers’ pay is calculated using the average annual salary for teachers in the District, which is $53,700.

The average salary for a full-time teacher in the district is $50,715.

District officials are looking for an even higher figure because the district has no way of knowing what a full teacher actually makes, according a spokesperson for the district.

The salaries in the report are based on the average salary of teachers in all districts, but not necessarily the total compensation of teachers, said the spokesperson.

One issue is that district schools use different teacher pay rates to calculate teacher pay compared to private schools, according in the official District school district website.

That means the districts’ numbers might be higher than the average for private schools because district schools often have a mix of teachers from private and public schools.

In general, the district spends more on education in the capital than other districts.

The district spent $1 billion on public schools in 2018, $1 million on private schools and $543 million on charter schools, the website states.

However, Districts total budget for 2017 was $2,834 million.

It’s also worth noting that the District’s total spending is not just on teachers and principals, but also on other school systems, including the District Public Schools District.

District officials said they are working to figure out how to share their data, but are hoping to get the number of teachers per student for every school district within the District.

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