Female vocalist takes her own life at age 45

Female vocalists have a tough life.

But in a country that’s been slow to embrace female vocalists, it’s not a surprise that vocalist and songwriter Shari Rauf has taken her own lives.

The singer and songwriting mastermind of the seminal female vocal group FACTUS committed suicide on Friday at age 55 after battling depression for the past five years, the singer’s brother and producer Tariq Raufs said in a statement.

Rauf, who also created the FACTUREUS band of songs, died of natural causes, RauF said.

She was surrounded by family and friends, she was a proud woman who loved music and had a big heart,” Rauff said.

The group’s debut album, “FACTURE,” was released in 2000, and was considered to be the first female-driven music.

Raufe, who died Saturday, has been credited with creating some of the most recognizable female vocal artists of all time.

She also wrote songs for several pop singers, including Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Adele.

Raus’ music had a long and varied career.

She recorded five studio albums and several singles, including the single “It’s Only a Paper Moon” in 2015.

She collaborated with Lady Gaga on an EP, “The Girl in the Box,” in 2016.

She also co-wrote the song “No One’s Coming to Get Me,” with Lady Bunny, in 2017.