‘It’s been like a roller coaster’ for young Japanese vocal teachers

Japanese vocal teacher Rina Yoshimura has been in Japan for a year and is expecting to have to move on with her life.

The 37-year-old from Nagano prefecture has been a vocal teacher for three years in Japan’s vocal school system, the JVSE.

It has given her a chance to grow up and improve her skills.

“It’s a huge transition for me,” she said.

“When I started here, it was hard for me to learn Japanese, but it was good to be a part of the system and learn from the best.”

The JVSEA, or Japanese Vocational Education and Training Service, has been running vocal training programs for Japanese teachers since the 1970s, and has a staff of over 100 teachers.

“I’m just now starting to understand it better and I’m really enjoying it,” said Ms Yoshimura, who now has a job with the JVC, an organisation helping Japanese students in the country get into higher education.

The JVC said it had given Ms Yoshimuras new opportunities in the Japanese education system.

“There are no other Japanese schools like this in Japan.

You can’t go anywhere else,” it said.

Ms Yoshimura said the JAVES had helped her to find her voice, and her new career in education.

“For me, it’s like a huge roller coaster.

It’s hard to put in the effort, but I really love it,” she added.

The Japanese Vocal Education and training Service said its staff were “really happy to have Ms Yoshimi join our team” and hoped the move would “increase her confidence”.

Ms Yoshimura said her first lesson at the JVMES had been a lot of fun.

“Even though I don’t speak Japanese, it gave me a chance and I was able to practice my voice in front of people,” she told the ABC.

“If I had to compare it to my first time, it felt so much more like real life.”

The ABC contacted Ms Yoshima for comment, but did not hear back.

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