‘I’ve been bullied’: Schoolgirl reveals her ordeal of being bullied vocaloid

A German schoolgirl has revealed how she has been bullied by classmates in her vocaloid performance school.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the 19-year-old student said that the incident began when she started performing for a schoolgirl group, a performance that she thought was part of her regular school work.

But when she realised she was being bullied by her classmates, she said she decided to leave the school and took her violin to her home, where she began to feel unwell.

Her father, who had gone to the school to visit, came and saw her and told her what was happening, but she refused to go to the hospital, saying that she felt ill and could not attend the school anymore.

She was then transferred to the special school for vocaloid singers in Berlin, where, she claimed, she was subjected to verbal abuse, sexual advances and even physical abuse.

“I have to say I was a little bit scared, I was really scared,” she said.

“One of the girls started beating me with a belt and another girl started punching me.

They also said ‘don’t talk about singing, don’t talk to anyone about singing’.”

The incident began in February 2016, when the schoolgirl and her father attended the concert, and they were invited to a dance class, where they were asked to sing in a choir.

“We sang for about 30 minutes,” she told Al Jazeera.

“Then the teacher called me to come back, and when I came back I felt so sick.

It was like I was dead.”

At first I was just afraid to go back to the concert because I was so scared that the teachers would attack me again.

But then my father came and told me to go home and I did, because I could not stay in the school.

“The bullying continued throughout her performance, she explained, and was especially intense when she performed in front of her peers.”

Sometimes they would ask me questions and if I said something wrong, they would attack,” she explained.

The schoolgirl’s father took the matter to the police, who, in her view, were too afraid to investigate.”

It was really difficult for me, because my parents are vocaloid artists,” she recounted.”

There was no way that I could go back there, and I couldn’t go to any school.

“My father was a musician and had been singing since he was a young man, and he had been teaching me vocalism for more than 30 years, and so he had already seen me as a vocal artist.”

And I also felt that if my father went there, I would be put under even more pressure.

“The mother of the 17-yearold victim also shared her concerns, and a school spokesperson confirmed to Al Jazeera that the complaint had been referred to a school social worker.

Al Jazeera understands that a report is expected to be issued in the next few weeks.