Jazz vocaloid’s vocalist has to get her voice back after undergoing surgery

Jazz vocalist Ayumi Fujimoto, whose trademark voice has been widely criticized as being too nasally and lacking in strength, has had her voice restored after having her vocal cords severed at the age of 30.

The singer, who performed in the Japanese dub of Japanese TV series Nihon Budokan, had a vocal cord removed during a procedure at Tokyo University of Science and Technology’s Center for Voice Research and Development, where she was recovering from a recent surgery to repair her vocal chords, according to a report by Japanese news agency Kyodo News.

She said she was “shocked” by the news, adding that she had received “so much love and support” from the Japanese public and her fans.

Fujimoto said in a statement on her official website that the vocal cords have been cut at the university’s voice research center, which was established in the early 1990s.

She added that she will return to performing again in the future.

According to Kyodo, Fujimoto’s voice was “severely damaged” when she had her vocal cord cut at age 30, and the damage to her voice came after she was undergoing a procedure called a cystectomy to repair it.

Fukushima Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has acknowledged that it has been monitoring Fujimoto and has sent out warning notices to the public.

However, it has not yet acknowledged that she has undergone a vocal operation, a procedure that would require her voice to be reconstructed, according a TEPCO official.

Fuho, who also performed as singer for the popular K-pop group Mnet’s K-soul, underwent a similar procedure in 2014.

The procedure was performed at the same facility where Fujimoto had her procedure.

Futurokina has also faced criticism in Japan for her vocal performance.

A Japanese television channel said that her voice is “too loud and too nasaly.”

Fujimura is not the only voice actor to be subject to criticism over her vocal tone.

Last year, Japanese pop star Chiara Romani of K-Pop group A Pink was reported to have undergone a cystic hypospray procedure to repair the damage her vocal voice had sustained following the 2014 surgery.