Claremont College students are singing ‘Let the Music Play’ at graduation

Claremont college students are preparing to sing the national anthem and sing a verse of “Let the Water Play,” at graduation, a year after the school closed its doors to the public.

The students from the school’s vocal technology program will begin performing “Let The Music Play” at the end of their sophomore year at Claremont’s annual graduation ceremony.

“Let the water play” is the chorus of a song from the Disney musical “Let It Go” that is frequently sung by high school seniors, especially those from the vocal technology school.

“I think the most fun for us to perform is having them sing along and singing along with the songs, because it makes it a really special experience for them,” said freshman Kayla Gaffney, the program’s first grader.

“They get to experience something that they’ve never experienced before.”

Students in the vocal tech program have sung the national song and have performed the “Let it Go” song at commencement ceremonies at other colleges and universities across the country.

The Claremont community rallied for years to save the vocal school after its closure in 2012.

The school closed to the general public in 2012 and began offering tuition to students last year.

Its students have to pay about $15,000 a year to attend.