How to pronounce ‘Vox’ in the Philippines

A native of the Philippines, singer Clairemont vocal-school graduate Zakir Hussain had the honor of joining Vox’s team of producers and songwriters for his latest song “Vox” (featuring the voice talents of actor John Leguizamo, actor and comedian Aja Naomi King, and singer Aja), which was released in April.

The “Voyager” singer told Fox News that he first heard about Vox when he heard a snippet of the song while listening to the podcast “Funktion One.”

“When I first heard it, I was like, ‘Oh wow, that sounds cool,'” he said.

“I was like ‘Hey, I can do this!'”

Hussain said he quickly realized that he had something special in mind when he got to meet Vox’s producers and co-writers.

He was surprised to learn that the song was written and recorded by the same people who worked on “Finktion One” and “Carpool Karaoke.”

“We all work together,” he said, “so that’s why we all got this crazy idea to do this song together.”

Hussan said that he is happy to be working with Vox because the music he creates is more accessible than ever.

“It’s more of a song for kids,” he added.

“That’s the reason why it’s so popular.”

The singer said that this is the first time he has collaborated with someone outside of his own band.

“We’ve been working together for about a year and a half, so I think that’s cool,” he noted.

“It’s not like I’ve been in the studio with a different band.”

Husain said that the collaboration between Vox and the vocal school will be “a fun one.”

“I’m very excited,” he told Fox.

“If it comes out, I think it’s gonna be the most fun I’ve had writing a song.

And the best part is, I’m just doing it for fun.”