‘I Can’t Do That’: The story behind the new song from ‘Voice School’

When vocal school graduates Zoe Stokes and Zoey Walker were invited to play on an upcoming episode of The Voice, they were unsure of how they would go about it.

They were told to “sit in a circle and sing,” and that they could only perform if they were dressed appropriately. 

The duo’s parents told the station that the episode was meant to be a family event, and it was not until after the event that Zoey told her parents that they had performed the wrong way.

“I felt like, ‘I’ve been to my parents house twice now, and I’ve been on a school trip,'” Zoey said.

“We weren’t ready for this. 

It was like we didn’t have any time to prepare,” she added. “

We just didn’t know what to expect.

It was like we didn’t have any time to prepare,” she added. 

Although the episode has since been released, the parents’ concerns remain. 

In a statement on its website, Voice School said that the band was “truly sorry that they were not allowed to perform and that we sincerely regret the error.” 

“They were the ones that invited us, they booked the venue, and we all took the responsibility for ensuring that the event was safe for all,” the statement read. 

But, Zoeys parents aren’t the only ones who feel the same.

A group of students from the school have since launched an online petition, demanding that the show be cancelled.

“It was the best thing that ever happened to us,” Zoey explained to ABC News.

“That was the first time we were like, OK, I’m going to do something, and then we got the gig.”