Jazz vocal school supplies jazz vocalist with acoustic guitar

Jazz vocalist Jazmine Sullivan is getting ready to join her vocal school friends for her acoustic guitar lessons, according to a report from Billboard.

Sullivan, who plays on the country’s popular country singer-songwriter, has already completed a class with her friend, and the two are working on a project together.

She recently completed a solo performance with the Chicago Jazz Orchestra, and she plans to use her time in the studio to complete some more songs.

“I want to see where I can get to,” she told Billboard.

“We have a couple of songs in the works that I’m really excited about.

It’s just kind of a fun project to do.”

Sullivan is a veteran of the country music world.

She was the first person to perform live in the US in 2015 with the group Blue Ridge Boys, and toured in 2017 with her group, Jazzy, on the Country Music Association’s Top Country Albums chart.

The band also recorded a CD, the Jazzzest Songs of 2017, and released their sophomore album, I Am Jazz, in 2018.

Sullivan will continue to work in the country after graduating, as her friends have already started a new school, the vocal school in Chicago, Illinois.