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Shafi vocal jazz school to open in New Orleans

Shafi University, a vocal jazz academy and vocal jazz college, will open in the New Orleans area, CNN affiliate WWL reported on Thursday.

Shafi is located in New York City.

Its goal is to provide high quality instruction in a unique environment and will also offer a place for students to practice their singing and vocal performance skills.

The school is scheduled to open next summer.

The site is being developed by The University of New Orleans.

Read moreShafi’s director of administration and finance, Michael Graziano, said the school will have a small but dedicated staff of teachers and students.

The school will provide opportunities for students who have never had the opportunity to sing and dance, Grazio said.

He said Shafi will also be a great place to learn about the cultural and musical history of the city.

The announcement comes a day after Louisiana Gov.

John Bel Edwards announced that the state will offer free tuition for students at Shafi.

Read MoreShafi has a diverse student body of approximately 3,000 students.

Its founder, Mohammed Shafi, was born in Nigeria and raised in New Jersey.

He founded the school in 1992 after attending the University of Oklahoma and later taking a music and performance course at the University.

The New Orleans school has also been a focal point of protests over racism, police brutality and other social issues.

In January, Shafi announced plans to open a women’s school.