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The Voice of the Voiceover Artist

High school student Ben Smith had a long dream: to one day be the voice of a voiceover actor.

After finishing high school, Ben Smith started working as a voice-over artist.

“When I was working, I was always like, ‘I’m just going to do this one thing and that one thing,'” he says.

That one thing was singing.

But it wasn’t enough.

Ben Smith wanted to be the best voiceover artist he could be.

He needed to do more.

So he went to the auditions.

The auditions were hard.

It was hard to make an impression on a crowd of thousands of people, says Ben Smith.

They had to get out there and make the crowd want to hear you.

So Ben Smith put together a group of people he thought were the right voiceover actors, who he invited to audition.

His auditions went well, but he wasn’t happy with the results.

Ben Smith had some advice for aspiring voiceover artists: Be honest. 

Be genuine.

Be open to new things. 

It worked.

Ben and his crew of actors, producers, and designers got to work on his script.

Ben says the movie was so different from what he had in mind for it that the cast had to change the ending, because it was the one they had been given. 

But the result was a big hit, and the project took off.

The voiceover industry has changed.

Ben has seen it grow, and now he’s excited to tell his story.

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