When Sad School Bag Gets Its Own Video Game

Video game developers are using their virtual voices to tell the story of a tragic school bus crash in which six students died.

The video game Sad School bag has been released in Japan, but its popularity has led to a new version being made in China, according to a Chinese company.

The Chinese version is called Sad School Bags, and it includes the voice of a school teacher who narrates the story.

The game has been in development since 2012 and was first announced in April.

The Chinese version includes audio from the bus crash and is set to be released on September 18.

The video game also has a song by Japanese pop group Sadako, which has been used in a TV series.

Sad School Bats is a collaboration between Chinese and Japanese game makers.

The song by Sadako is also used in the TV series, which is based on the game.

The Japanese version has a new song by singer Kimiko Mizutani.

Sadako has collaborated with Japanese music artist Ai-Mae, who composed the video game’s score.

The group also released a single.

The song is “My Happy School Bag,” a cover of the song “School Bag.”