Why ‘Silicon Valley’ is a more compelling place to work than ‘Silicons’

“We don’t want the world to believe that we have a shortage of talent.

The world believes we have an abundance of talent, and we want to show that we’re wrong.”

– Mark Zuckerberg on the lack of talent in Silicon Valley article “Silicon valley has always been a meritocracy.

There are some great people in there, but the problem is that it’s very difficult to get them to be great.

We can get them onboard. “

So if we can get a talented programmer in there that is willing to help build our app, we can actually build a great app.

We can get them onboard.

They’ll be a great developer, and they’ll help us build the app.”

“Silo is like a community” – Jeff Bezos, CEO of

Bezos said “Silos” are the people who make up a lot of the technology industry.

“Silicos are the communities that work on a particular idea, and those are the folks that will drive it.

They are the community that will bring people together, and these are the techies.”

“When you have a community that is so big, there’s a huge disconnect between the technology and the people that actually work on the technology.

It’s just that simple.

The techies can’t work on things, and the community has to.”

“We’re going to be a community in a way that hasn’t been done before” – Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX.

Musk said “I’m going to try to take my engineering skills and bring them into a space that I think is very special.

It will be the most amazing, most amazing thing that we’ve ever done.

I think we can do it.”

“I want to be the first to make it happen” – Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple.

“We are going to have a whole community of talented people in this room.

We’re going get a lot more talented people than we have now.

I want to make sure that it happens.”