Woman’s vocal technical school to reopen in 2019

TORONTO — A new vocal technical high school in Toronto is set to reopen after decades of neglect, despite decades of efforts to shut it down.

The school is part of the vocal technical education network, which is part-funded by the Ontario government and includes a number of public and private institutions, according to the Canadian Council of Teachers.

It opened in 1976 as a public school and has been in operation ever since, teaching more than 20,000 students.

Since its inception, however, it has faced years of controversy over the quality of its graduates, with many students claiming they were not offered a good job or the opportunity to attend university.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to provide our graduates the skills they need to make their dreams come true, while still providing a high quality education,” said Linda Knecht, CEO of the Canadian Alliance for Vocational Education.

With the opening of the new school, more than 10,000 of the school’s graduates will be able to enter the workforce and start careers, the group said in a statement.

Knecht said the new vocal school will also offer a range of opportunities for students to develop their skills.

“(It) is a place where we can have our students grow and learn together in the same environment and with the same community,” she said.

After decades of closure, the school was given a reprieve in the 1990s when the federal government established the National Technical Schools Network (NTNS).

But, according the NTNS, which was established to help students with vocational skills, it only reopened in 2009, two years after the school closed.

Despite the NTns success in the education sector, there have been numerous lawsuits brought by parents, including one filed by a Toronto woman who claims she was not offered any of the job opportunities she was offered.

That lawsuit was settled last year, with the government settling with her.