‘Pompeii’ cast re-united for ‘Bubblegum Girls’

The cast of Bubblegum Sisters: A Christmas Carol has reunited for a Christmas special, according to the website for the show.

The show stars Jennifer Morrison as the main character Bubbles and Katey Sagal as the bubbly butts-pony who lives with her mother.

The two-hour special, titled Bubbles & the Bubbles, will air on ABC on Dec. 25.ABC/Disney will also release a 10-episode spinoff called Bubblegums that focuses on a younger version of Bubbles called Bubbles the Puppy.ABC has not yet confirmed the title of the new series, but has already been teasing the title with a series of tweets that suggested the name could be “Bubbles & Bubbles” instead of “Bubs the Puppie.”

“We’re so excited to premiere a brand new season of Bubbs and Bubbles,” ABC said in a tweet.

“We’re excited to finally be making Bubblegems a reality!”ABC/ Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The series is one of ABC’s most popular animated shows, and has also been the subject of a slew of spinoffs and sequels.

In recent years, it has been renewed for a fourth season, and a new movie has been made.ABC is also producing the upcoming holiday season, with a film adaptation of the Christmas classic The Christmas Tree set to be released in 2018.