How to sing for an Aussie choir

Singing for an Australian choir is something we all dream about.

But how do you become the best vocalist in the country? spoke to vocal tech vocal school alumni and experts. 

Bristol Vocal School alumni have a unique experience of going from a vocal school in Sydney to singing for Australia’s national anthem. 

One of the reasons for the move was to broaden the range of voices. 

“The opportunity to be able to sing with a range of singers is a huge benefit for the school,” says vocal school founder and former school president, Lianne Pryce. 

Lianne says the opportunity to sing Australian songs has been a huge boon to the school.

“There are so many singers in the world, and it’s difficult for them to reach the national anthem.” 

Lionel Janson, a former vocal school teacher, has also spent years working in the field.

“For a long time I’ve felt like I didn’t really have the right voice to sing the national anthems, so I just felt I had to do it,” he says.

“Now I have a whole new appreciation for the voice and what I can do to get better at it.” 

It’s a great privilege to be in the middle of a nation with such a strong cultural heritage.

Liannne says she’s been inspired by the Australian national anthem, particularly the role of the soprano in the song.

“We don’t always know how to sing an Australian national song, so to get that opportunity is just a huge privilege.”

“It’s something that’s been there since the beginning, it’s just a natural part of the song.” 

Janson says the Australian music industry is the most diverse in the continent.

“The Australian music scene is so diverse, and you can see that in the music.

We’re a country of immigrants and so much of it comes from the community,” he explains. 

Jansen says the vocal school is unique because the majority of students are male. 

The singing is challenging. 

But with that comes an important responsibility, says Janson.

“I have to be very careful not to let my vocal skills get me in trouble.

So, to be a great vocalist you have to have a lot of confidence.”

Lianny says she would love to sing in an Australian orchestra, but says she’d be willing to sing a few national an thems in private. 

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